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Richard H. Rizk Portland, Oregon

You lost your health. Now, your insurer denies long term disability benefits…

Hope is on the horizon!

People from all walks of life face the frustration and fear that a long term disability denial brings. So it is surprising that relatively few attorneys specialize in appealing and resolving disability claims denied by private disability insurance companies. We do!

Mydisabilityappeal.com was developed by Portland, Oregon Attorney Richard H. Rizk. With years of experience as an insurance company disability litigator (attorney), he knows how to reverse long term disability denials.

As a first step toward successful resolution of your long term disability claim, simply fill out the FREE evaluation form on this website. Once submitted, we will contact you to perform a confidential evaluation to determine whether your case qualifies for a no upfront cost contingency fee arrangement. Because time to appeal is limited, we will send a response to you immediately, usually within the first hour of submission.

At mydisabilityappeal.com, our attorneys are well versed in ERISA (the federal law governing employer provided disability policies, plans and disputes) and can successfully reverse and resolve your long term disability claim denial.

We invite you to browse mydisabilityappeal.com. Our website was designed with your disability appeal and well-being in mind. We are confident you will find valuable information on our site to answer your frequently asked questions. You are not alone, there’s still hope. We are here to fight for your rights to long term disability benefits!

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